Monster Invasion

Monster Mosaic

C2’s turning one tomorrow (sniff) and we’re throwing him a monster party this weekend!  I’ve been knitting and crocheting monsters for the party to give as party favors (and some friends have sent monsters along to help me out, too).  These are the monsters I’ve made so far, still in progress, as many of them still need mouths.  

The top left are two Rebecca Danger patterns, Monster Chunk and one from her Christmas Ornaments collection.  Top right is Mike the Microbe, I love him and his loops.  Bottom right is The Gabu, not sure if I’m going to further embellish the green one.  And, finally, bottom left are from Allison Hoffman’s Baby Monster Amigurumi pattern.  These have all been a blast to make and I hope the kiddos love them as much as I do!



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