Austin Day 2: Mmmmm….Doughnuts

Man, we have had quite the adjustment to going back to school, but that’s another post for another day. I just realized I never told the rest of the story regarding our Austin Yarn Crawl, and that means I may have missed the best part of all. The Doughnuts!


I had heard of Gourdoughs on a previous Austin trip, but was unable to go because I was hanging with the family, so I wanted to make it happen this time. I talked about it a lot, maybe a bit too much, so my travel companions indulged me. And, well, they approved. We tried several different kinds, and all shared, including the Funky Monkey, the Flying Pig, Cherry Bombs, Son of a Peach, and others that have names I can’t recall.

I think my favorite part is that we all took pictures of our breakfast, as well. 🙂

Pictures of our Breakfast

It was a great way to say farewell to Austin before heading home. I hope to make it a mandatory stop on all future Austin trips!


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