Spin me right round

So, I was at DFW Fiber Fest and there just so happened to be a room where you could spin where there just so happened to be several ladybug wheels. I spun on it and a few others and then promptly walked over (there were only a few hundred enablers there) and bought one from one of the vendors, Fancy Fibers.

I have only finished one yarn on it and singles for another and then my wrist started hating me again (dumb wrist) so I’ve taken a bit of a break. But, I am loving spinning on a wheel!

This is my first yarn, made from some super cheery roving I got at the DFW Fiber Fest.

I spun some yarn!

Then, as soon as my June fiber came in from the Spunky Club, C1 requested that I make that yarn for him to make a hat with or maybe some monsters. I wasn’t too excited about it when I first saw it, I don’t usually go for those bright yellows and such, but the more I spun it, the more it grew on me. I’ve done the singles for this one, so next up is plying.

Tour de Fleece Day 2


4 thoughts on “Spin me right round

  1. Your handspuns look really pretty!
    I haven’t dared to spin with a Ladybug yet, because I’m afraid I will do the same thing as you did, and I don’t have any money to spare… 😉
    Happy spinning!

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