The Santa Suit

After coming back from Thanksgiving and the Arkansas Fiber Extravaganza (which I’ll blog on the Ravelry blog this week), I was greeted by a note from C1’s teacher written prior to Thanksgiving which we obviously did not see.  She asked me if I could make a Santa suit.  I responded by asking her for who and how complex because, really, my sewing skills are just intermediate at this point.  She told me it was for C1 to wear for the holiday program.

I asked C1 about this and he said that they were singing “Here Comes Santa Claus” and he’d get to be Santa while his classmates were the reindeer.  That sounded entirely too cute and he was very excited about the whole process of making a suit so I had to do it.

Santa Cameron

For the jacket and pants I used the pajama pattern from Sewing for Boys as a base and went from there.  We picked out a red corduroy fabric and some white fluff and off I went.  I closed the front of the jacket with large hook and eye closures.  He wore his cowboy boots to complete the look.

He got a little shy during the performance.  When they gave him the microphone to say “ho ho ho” he froze, though he had been running around the house saying it all week.  But, overall, he did a great job and he looked pretty darn cute, too.


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