Holiday Knitting

I only had one thing planned to knit for Christmas presents, fingerless gloves for C1’s teacher, but then I found another gift for her that I thought would be great.  That means I don’t have any holiday knitting left to do but I do have a holiday break coming up, so I’ve been planning what to bring with me.

I’ve been promising the husband another hat for some time.  He likes the unique fibers.  His first hat was made with some Buffalo Gold 100% Bison yarn.  Here’s a detail shot of that one.

Lacunae Hat in Progress (YIP 2/8/2010)

This one will be made with some Bijou Basin Yak yarn that I have in the stash.  He wants the next hat to be more simple, so I think I’m going to make him a Turn A Square hat.

The other project in my immediate queue is a baby project.  So many babies around so I’m planning a few baby projects to send to friends.  I got some Cascade Fingering at Webs on our way back from Rhinebeck, and am planning to make a Louise Cardigan from Vintage Baby Knits with it.  I’ve had this book for a while and haven’t had a chance to make anything from it, though there are so many great patterns in it, so I’m really looking forward to making this one!

Oh, and I still have the back of one Pepo Pie to finish and you know a whole second one to make (albeit the smaller one), so I should have plenty of knitting to choose from!


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