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Purple Patchwork Penny

Patchwork Penny

I wrote my cousin on Thursday or Friday to ask her what her soon to be 3-year-old would like for her birthday.  She told me that she loves dolls, so I instantly thought of the Wee Wonderfuls book.  I decided to give one of them a try, but really doubted my ability to finish it before leaving town for Thanksgiving where we will celebrate her birthday.

Patchwork Penny
I was most nervous about making the face and hair look right.  I used safety eyes instead of the called for pieces of wool because she is still putting things in her mouth and I thought that might be a safer bet.  The great thing is that the embroidery for her face was so simple that I was able to make it look okay!
Patchwork Penny's Hair
Her hair was a bit of a challenge to figure out how to tack it down so that it covered her head well and stayed in place in the face of the handling of a 3 yr old.  I must have braided it 10 times.  The braids are still a bit uneven, but I think it will stay in place, which was my primary goal.  The part is supposed to be off center, but you can see the thread start at the bottom there, which was obviously unintentional.  I don’t think she’ll notice.

I love how the purple velour boots and how the patchwork all lined up.  I also love how fast I was able to make this!  I started with fabric selection and cutting on Friday night and finished it this morning, with probably about 3 hours of work put in on it total.  Also, the only thing I had to buy to finish this was the purple velour for the boots, everything else was from my stash!  I definitely see more of these in my future!


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