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Trick or Treat*

I don’t know if my mom meant to start a tradition of handmade costumes or if it just happened because we didn’t have the money to buy the store bought costumes that were pretty sub-par back then (ETA see the comments, should have known she did it because she’s crafty since she’s the one who set the crafty example for me :).  At any rate, my mom made all of our costumes, and because of that, I really like making costumes for the boys.

This year, C1 is all about Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  It’s pretty fun because it has characters that we are familiar with from the movies but in thirty minute episodes that hold his attention.  He decided this year he wanted to be Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin Skywalker

Given that C2 was expecting to make his arrival in September, I knew there wouldn’t be time for an elaborate costume.  This Jedi Robe tutorial seemed pretty do-able.  I traced him as suggested and made the hood smaller based on the size of the neck opening.  I added black pleather things that look like Anakin’s robe and then covered a regular belt with pleather to hold the whole thing together.

Baby Yoda

With C1 as Anakin, it was a given that C2 would have to be Yoda. Since I had him in his Moby wrap for trick or treating, his costume consisted of the yoda hat.  I was afraid of being able to make the felted version fit him right so I went with a pattern that is knit and then the ears are starched.  I couldn’t find the starch called for in the pattern, so I used a cornstarch and water method.  It worked well enough.  If I had more time, I would have starched them again for extra stiffness, but as you can see, they stuck out all Yoda-like so I can’t complain.

I was surprised by the small number of handmade costumes at C1’s school parade.  I’m afraid next year he’ll want a store bought costume, but I hope I can keep making things that he likes to wear as I have a lot of fun making them!

*I’m not going to post about why I haven’t been blogging, you can see two reasons in the pictures of this post 😉 But, I am trying to get things jump started again with NaBloPoMo thanks to the power of twitter suggestion.


6 thoughts on “Trick or Treat*

  1. They are both too stinking cute for words! We are all about making our costumes… they end up in the dress up box and get used for the weirdest play! Can’t wait to NaBloPoMo with you!

  2. I loved making your Halloween costumes and that is why I did them. Actually some of the homemade ones cost more than the store bought ones. I often wondered when you and Lissa would demand store bought ones but yall never did so I happily kept making them. I bet you will find the same thing with your boys. Designing the costume is half the fun of the costume. Love, Mom

    • I realized after I posted that there was no way you saved money making the cabbage patch costume 😉 I feel like there are so fewer homemade costumes these days but hope Cam keeps liking them!

  3. They will keep liking them Sarah. Even kids realize the hand made costumes are so much cooler than everyone elses! And all the ooh’s and aaah’s they get will reinforce their liking for them. I don’t think my kids ever had any store bought costumes either.


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