WIP: Cam’s Big Guy Quilt

In trying to bust my stash, I have re-organized a bit so I can easily access whichever project I want to work on at that time. My crafting time is limited (as it is for most) so I don’t want to spend it digging for the fabrics for that particular project. As such, I have put the three quilts I have in progress in separate large clear bags for easy access.

The first one that I’ve gotten to work on again is a quilt for the kiddo’s big guy bed. He will need to move to a twin bed soon (he has a toddler bed now) and I want to have this ready for that transition. The plan is to do it all out of log cabins, with half of the blocks having the print in the middle and half of them having white, then alternating print/white from that point on. So far, I’ve made 5 blocks, there’s a long way to go!

Cam's Big Guy Quilt Blocks

Cam's Big Guy Quilt Blocks

I love these prints, but they have a lot going on. I’m hoping that alternating with the white will help it to be less overwhelming. This week, I have cut out the rest of the strips and hope that this will be my “go to” project for a little while. I’ve had this fabric for so long, it feels good to actually be using it!


3 thoughts on “WIP: Cam’s Big Guy Quilt

  1. this is going to be super fun, dude. love all the cars/buses/roads/etc.

    I don’t call those log cabins, I call that square in a square. 🙂 since the horizontal/verticals are the same width/length on both sides, rather than going h, v, h, v if you know what I’m saying. 🙂 it’s more like the courthouse steps variation.

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