Compost Cookies

Compost Cookies, in the making (YIP 8/8/2010)

This weekend, thanks to Cirilia and that magic of Twitter, we made compost cookies. It was really fun! The basic premise is to make a cookie dough, take a cup and a half of sweet stuff and a cup and a half of salty stuff, mix it in and voila, cookies! For our sweet stuff, we used the above pictured items – a full sized snickers bar, some mini reese’s and I also added in some chocolate chips, animal crackers and oats. I didn’t have much in the way of salty stuff, so we used tortilla chips. The kid’s job was to mash them up, a job that our little destructive toddler did quite well.

Smashing stuff for compost cookies

The only bad move on my part was not reading ahead to realize you have to refrigerate them. I didn’t have room in the fridge to put the dough in balls and then refrigerate, so I refrigerated and then put it into balls on the cookie sheets. They turned out really, really good! I look forward to experimenting more with this recipe – oh the possibilities!


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