Still Finishing

I think I may try to keep finishing things until the Ravelympics start on the day of opening ceremonies.  Ravelympics is an event where you try to complete a project (or finish several works in progress) during the span of the Olympics.  I only have a few things to go! It would be nice to be able to operate with a mostly clean slate 🙂

The next item up was Riley’s stocking. Yep, this should have been finished for Christmas, but it wasn’t. The back of her skirt is a little wonky, but I fixed it up a bit before I sent it so it doesn’t look quite so jagged now.

Riley's Stocking

I had started this stocking with a different pattern and hated it so I cut it and started over. All of her girl cousins have angels on their stockings, so I adapted a cross stitch pattern into this pattern. I am not a fan of intarsia, but I do it when necessary to carry on the family tradition.


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