We interrupt this craft blog…

…to ask you to go vote for my kiddo!  He's in a photo contest.  You can vote twice a day on Shauna's blog or you can become a fan of Shauna Maness Photography on Facebook.  The kiddo is Image 2.  You can find the full details on her blog!  She does such an amazing job and definitely did not disappoint!  (end shameless plug) 🙂


One thought on “We interrupt this craft blog…

  1. Okay, this is super random, but I will press on anyway.
    I found your blog through a link from another – because two years ago, in 2007 you won a giveaway on another blog for some scrapbooking magazines. I’m wondering if a) you still have the premiere issue (jan/feb 2002) of Simple Scrapbooks magazine that you got then, and b) if so, if you might be willing to sell it to me.
    Anyway, if you do and would, send me an email or visit my blog, I’d GREATLY appreciate it. If not, thanks anyway, and keep up the good knitting! 🙂

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