Hi, I finished another sweater!

February Lady Finished!

It seems like I'm basically popping in here these days to post about another finished object. Not much time to share the object in progress because I'm too busy working on it! Well, I finished my February Lady sweater at Maryland, not in time to wear it there, but at least I finished it!

February Lady front

I think this may be my favorite sweater, yet. It is the husband's favorite sweater that I've made. The fit is great, the color is awesome and I'll be able to wear it all through the summer in my air conditioned office. I do need to reinforce the buttonholes somehow because they become loose throughout the day and look all gappy around the buttons which is no good. Otherwise, I love it!

Now, I'm working on some socks for the husband and a Shalom sweater! Almost finished with sock number one and I'm loving Shalom for some near instant gratification. Bulky yarn move so quickly!


10 thoughts on “Hi, I finished another sweater!

  1. That is super cute! I like the length you made, very chic. I keep seeing that gray/blue color with yellow and white in the clothing stores. You’ve got me thinking…

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