Salina: The Recap

My first NaKniSweMoDo Sweater took me two months instead of one.  Hopefully, I can make up some ground with tanks/vests in the summer months.  Anyway, since Carolyn insists, here's the recap (day by day recap on ravelry)! 

Close up of Salina

Basically, I LOVE this sweater!  I just steam blocked it, and I definitely did a better job of pressing the left cuff (right to you) then the right cuff, so the right cuff drove me a little crazy all day. 

The only major modification I made was in the sleeves.  Instead of knitting them and then attaching them as called for in the pattern, I picked up stitches to add them because I was concerned about making sure they were the correct length.  The two things I usually miss on fit wise are sleeve length and body length.  I extended the body length slightly on this one, too, using a favorite t-shirt as my guide.

Salina - FINISHED!

Overall, I love this sweater!  The fit is great and I really like the yarn, Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed .  I'm usually pretty sensitive to the itch factor in wool, but I wore this sweater all day with just a short-sleeved t-shirt under it and I wasn't bothered by it at all.  I think this is definitely the most wearable sweater I have made to date.

And, for your amusement, I share with you what happens when you take self-timer pics in the presence of a toddler.

Self Timer and a Toddler!


8 thoughts on “Salina: The Recap

  1. Your sweater looks great and it’s one less thing you have to shop for. Cam is just too cute not to jump in pictures!!

  2. I think the picture with your little boy is fabulous! Its well lit with the sunshine and looks like a great candid shot. He’s very cute and your sweater is pretty nice too. Thanks for sharing this pic with us.

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