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A long, long time ago (way back in October) the husband and I decided that we would reward ourselves for our recent frugality once we met some financial goals.  He would get money toward a new bike and I would get a new sewing machine!  Well, the time is almost here, so I need to figure out what I want to get.  I've been doing a lot of online research, but if you have any recommendations (type, brand, features), I would love to hear them!


9 thoughts on “Sewing Machine

  1. I have a relatively ancient Elna that my mom gave to me; I don’t even think the brand is still around, but it’s a good little machine! It was replaced (at my mom’s) by a Janome, which she loves so much that she will sometimes call me just to tell me how much she adores it. I know she did a lot of research and test-drives before she bought it, including Bernina and Husqvarna/Viking, etc. If you have a sewing center near you, it might be worth trying some out to see which one you like best!

  2. I love my Janome Hearttruth 2008. It’s got awesome features, but it’s not too crazy complicated, and it wasn’t outrageously expensive either. It has worked great for quilting and sewing.
    Also: when I got mine, I emailed Carolyn for advice and she sent me a long involved email, so I’m going to forward it to you – it’s full of good info!

  3. If my house were on fire one of the first things I would grab is my Bernina Sewing machine. It is AMAZING! Plus it has the BSR to do machine quilting.
    Features you must have (In my opinion): Needle up/down and choose which position it will stop at
    Knee Lift
    Easy foot changes
    Features that I love but no necessarily a must have
    Separate bobbin motor
    Stitch Regulator
    Stitch tie off button (no more backstitching)
    As with everything test some out and see what you like best. I got a machine that does more than I need right now but I know I can grow with it, that was really important to me.

  4. i love both my Pfaffs. they don’t get the same press the berninas do, but they are certainly just as high quality of machines. (might cost a little less also)
    i would NOT get a singer.

  5. I am a Bernina lover (Bernina 1080 is my perfect machine). You can test drive them (so to speak) at the Bernina dealer. You can also see if the dealer has any tradeins, you want lots of metal parts (so it’s heavy and durable) to get a nice price. Good luck!

  6. I don’t know if you have purchased your sewing machine. If you did, I hope it is a Bernina. I’m one of those Bernina lovers. I sewed on other brands for years. When I bought my Bernina, I enjoyed sewing so much more. The feed system is wonderful and I keep it clean and oiled and have not had any problems. Happy Stitching!!

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