NaKniSweMoDo Update – Sweater 1 (still)

Clearly, this is more of a challenge for me then for other knitters, since it's month two and I'm on sweater one.  At any rate, I made great progress this weekend.


I finished the sleeves!  I knit them both at once which made them seem to take forever, so I wasn't exactly motivated to work on them.  On top of that, I made it through the decreases for the front.  I'm hoping to finish the front by the end of next weekend.  I'm going on a trip from work and it would be the perfect time to work on seaming since I'll have some time to kill in the evenings in my hotel room, and won't have a 1.5 year old with me to climb in the middle of all of it.  :)  I'm motivated again, which will hopefully make the rest of this sweater just fly by!


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