Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here's a re-cap of the valentine's crafting that has been going on around here.
We made valentine's for the kiddo's teachers from the outline of his hand (left) and the grandparents from his "artwork" (right).


I made fabric flowers from Wisecraft's tutorial for the girls from work from my recent scrap stash acquisitions.  I'm particularly proud of learning how to make fabric covered buttons.  I always thought it was really hard, but, um, it's not.  I made all of these in one night, from cutting the fabrics to completed!

Fabric Flowers

Fabric Flowers (overview)

Fabric Flowers (close-up)

Add to all this the heart shaped tea cakes for the kid's teachers, the valentine's for the front of sweethearts boxes for other peeps at work and making the kid's sandwiches into little hearts and it's been a very busy valentine's week.  But, fun! 


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