Week in Review – 1/26-2/1

Gleek does these, and I like seeing what she's been up to, plus I'd love to be able to look back at little snapshots of my life a week at a time.  No promise that I'll do this consistently, but here goes!

Monday, I was tired all day!  Could have been that I had a super fun weekend with a photography class all day on Sunday, but it was a rather unproductive day, other than the work I did at work.

Tuesday was a normal Tuesday…I'm on kid duty and we do swim lessons.  He did better with swim lessons this week than I expected since we had missed a week with him being sick.

Wednesday, I don't even remember.  Isn't that sad?  Jason didn't get to do his normal Wednesday evening bike ride because it was super cold, so he came home and we got to eat dinner as a full family, which only happens once or twice a week.  Oh, and the kid had fun playing with the dad's flashlight.


Thursday, I tried Kashi pizza for the first time.  It was really good and may become a staple type item to keep around for the nights when it's just the kid and I.

Friday, I just wanted to take a bath, read some and go to bed, so once the kid got to sleep, that's what I did! 

Saturday was an event at work, that went really well!  But, meant getting up early and being on my feet all day leaving me tired (have you noticed a theme?).

Sunday was all about the super bowl!  I made homemade pitas to be eaten with hummus and a bread bowl with spinach artichoke dip.  We had three other couples over and consumed way too much food while watching what turned out to be a pretty darn good game, despite the Cardinals abysmal first quarter.  And, we laughed really hard when Bruce went crotch first into the camera at half time.  Mature, I know.


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