Pin Cushion Caddy

Pincushion Caddy View4

I really have been knitting toward my first NaKniSweMoDo sweater, but I'm stuck on the sleeves which is BORING!  So, I am showing what I've been doing in the sewing room.  A few weeks ago, I ordered some scraps from WiseCraft off of etsy.  It was a fun challenge to get some "surprise" scraps and decide what to create from them.  This is just one of many projects that I think I'll create from those scraps. 

A while ago, I had seen the Pin Cushion Caddy project in "Seams to Me" that I really wanted to make for Shauna as she is going to start sewing soon.  She appreciates handmade things and is one of the most creative people I know.  It was fun to give it to her.

All of that to say, this project was made from those scraps (and a thrifted pillowcase I found a while back) and that pattern.  I think it was a great pairing!
Pincushion Caddy - Loaded


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