Saturday Sky – Bird Meeting!

Bird meeting

In my effort to capture the little everyday moments of live, I bring you one of our favorite things right now.  Bird Meetings!  Anytime the kiddo sees a large group of birds hanging out together on telephone lines, he gets SO excited.  Kids are really good at helping you appreciate the little things in life, and now I get excited, too, every time I see a bird meeting…even if he's not in the car!

Wishing you a very relaxing weekend!  Luckily, we've got no plans other than hanging out and enjoying some downtime, which for me means knitting & reading when I'm not playing with the fam.  And, I guess there will be some house chores thrown in there, too.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Sky – Bird Meeting!

  1. Bird meeting! What a perfect way to describe it . . . but what do you call it when there are thousands of blackbirds on every single power line around an intersection, and in the trees, etc, etc and then groups of them take flight all at once? (other than “kind of scary”, that is) Do they do that in Houston?

  2. We always pointed out the moo-cows. Now I have to remember they are no longer 3 and 6! At 11 and 14 they are a bit embarrassed when I point out the moo-cows.

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