Getting Fit


In the whole NaKniSweMoDo challenge, I want to get 12 sweaters/tops that I will ACTUALLY wear!  I have a stack of handknits that do not get worn.  Even my Audrey, which I am most proud of, is too short.  My two struggles are the length of the torso and the length of the arms.  If I get one right, I get the other wrong, and vice versa. 

With Salina, I am using a strategy that I have seen on other blogs in comparing the sweater to a shirt that I think fits me well.  I still need to find a shirt with the perfect arm length, but for now, I'm comparing the torso length to my favorite black t-shirt.  I think this is the same shirt that I wore both times I saw Carolyn this year (with my white shorts…I need more clothes).  At any rate, upon measuring it, I discovered that I need to knit the front and back one cm longer than the pattern calls for to make it the perfect fit.  That's not that far off, but it may make all the difference in whether or not I like the sweater!  Just an inch or so to go before I get to the armhole shaping.


3 thoughts on “Getting Fit

  1. Good luck getting a good fit this time! Don’t forget blocking is your friend. I didn’t measure my Wicked, but I’m fairly certain I got another two inches in length after blocking this latest one.

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