Hello, 2009!

Fireworks on New Years!

Happy New Year!

The husband and I have decided that 2008 was a year to survive.  We survived two surgeries in two weeks, ear tubes for the kid and tonsilectemy for the dad.  We survived the "I can't communicate so I'll just scream" phase with the kiddo.  We survived Hurricane Ike and all that came with it, including opening our home for a few weeks to others without electricity and helping to move our entire department at work to another building.  It wasn't that the year was bad, there was just a lot of it that I'm happy to leave behind.  But, we survived.

In 2009, I hope we can do more than survive.  The kiddo is more and more fun every day and we spend much less time trying to guess why he's screaming because now he can tell us or show us what he wants.  Right now, our family is healthy, allowing us to set some great goals for outdoor activities and fitness fun.  In light of all of this, I'm setting some rather aggressive goals for my "personal" time, and following Chelsea's recommendation, finding support for them in Ravelry groups.

First off, I've joined the group 52 books in 52 weeks (ha, I typed days, yeah right).  I like reading and the list of books that I want to read is five miles long.  Given that some books are faster than others, I think 52 books will be pretty attainable.  I'll be tracking my progress at Goodreads and in the Ravelry group.  Right now, I'm 50 pages into my first book, "The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks.

Secondly, I've joined the group NaKniSweMoDo.  The basic goal is to knit 12 adult sized sweaters/tops in 2009.  I thought it was a little crazy at first (and the husband still does), but then Stacey and the Punster and other folks I know were doing it (maybe I would jump off a cliff), plus I looked at my queue and there are plenty of sweaters there to be knit.  The "rules" indicate that any adult sized top will count (sweaters, vests, tank tops, etc.), making it much more attainable.  This one is a super duper stretch, given my recent knitting activity (um, virtually none).  But, I'm much more able to knit while the kid is awake these days, increasing my hours of knitting time.  I have really missed knitting as sewing has taken away from that.  This year, I hope I can find a balance between the two.

We're still thinking about other goals around here, and will have our family meeting tonight, so I'll have some broader goals to share soon.  For now, I need to dig through my yarn closet and find that Salina I started!


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