Cookie Monster

Last weekend (yes, I'm a week behind) was Cookie Exchange weekend 2008.  I baked all day on Saturday!  Cookie Exchange #1 was at my friend Chavaun's house.  For that one, I baked Chris' recommendation, the Ooey Gooey Butter Cookies.  They were really good and easy to make, too!


Sunday, I hosted the cooking club that I'm a part of for another cookie exchange.  For Sunday, I made Peanut Butter Heath Bar cookies from a recipe I found on the package of Heath Bar bits.  Oh, those things are SO good.  They are in the back right of the picture below.

Cooking club cookie exchange

I also made Rice Krispie treats and we used cookie cutters to cut out shapes, then decorated them with icing.  They were easier than sugar cookies and something a little bit different.  We took most of them to a friend's house who just had a baby after the cooking club.  Here are a couple of our creations. 

Oh Christmas Treat

All in all, it was fun and gave me an assortment of cookies to pass along as a part of my staff gifts this year.  Now that I'm starting to gift things, I can share them!


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