Tea anyone?

I’m moderately obsessed with making gifts this Christmas.  It’s not in an obligatory way, but when I think about a gift for someone, I automatically go to what I could make them.  I’m trying not to get overloaded or take on too many projects, but I’m really having fun with the projects I have.  I just wish they weren’t for presents so I could tell you more about them!!!

I will tell you about one.  It was SO easy.  I found the idea online of tub teas.  I ordered some small heat sealing tea bags, along with some lavender and peppermint, online and tonight I assembled them.  I had seen recipes for tub teas that included other ingredients in addition to the botanicals, but some of them just had the botanicals.  I decided to keep it simple, thinking these are primarily designed to make the room smell good, not necessarily to make your skin soft or what have you.  Here’s my process…

1.  Put 2/3 of a cup of botanicals in a bowl.  I made lavender, peppermint and some that had both lavender & peppermint.  Spoon the botanicals into the teabag.
Lavender for tub teas

2. Seal the teabags using the iron.  Out of around 30, I only had one that didn’t seal well, so that part went much more smoothly than I expected.
Sealing the tub teas

3. Make little tag labels for the tea bags. I made the “p” ones for the peppermint and “l&p” for the lavender and peppermint. I need to get more tags to make the lavender tags. I also need to get some staples so I can attach these and some twine to the bags. (sorry for the bad pic)
Tub tea tags

See…easy!  These will be a small piece of a bigger gift.  Now, to find more time to work on these funtime gifts…and the advent calendar in progress, and the December scrapbook…oh the list goes on and on!


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