Where are the elves?

Santa's Workshop is in full swing around here.  Don't worry, I wait until Thanksgiving to decorate and that sort of thing, but if I want to make all of the things I have picked out this year, I need a head start.  I started this weekend with a shopping trip for supplies.  I didn't have a lot of crafty time yesterday, though I did finish the redwork I started last weekend (forgive the sub-par photos…I didn't feel like dragging out the big camera, so iphone cam it is).

Redwork Santa

Yesterday, I also started on our advent calendar. My mom gave me a book for last Christmas that had a cute pattern for an advent calendar, so I did a lot of cutting and tracing, as there are 24 little felt ornaments that are a part of the calendar. Here are the snowflakes with the background fabric.

Pieces of the Advent Calendar

I found that glitter felt on Friday! Half of the ornaments are sparkly and half of them are plain.  The pattern calls for you to sew together two pieces of felt, but I chose to use the stiff felt, instead.

Tonight, I started working on these monogrammed ornaments, and I actually finished all of the ones I had planned. They went WAY faster than I thought they would and they didn't cost much either. It helped that I have some miscellaneous beading supplies that I unearthed in last week's office cleaning.

Monogram Ornaments

These look better in person. I just need to add a ribbon or ornament hanger, I haven't decided which, yet. I found the instructions in Martha Stewart's Holiday magazine, but you can also find them online.


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