Day 18 – 30 Days of Creativity




If I were to title this post, I would have called it eyecandy.  Ha!  I'm so corny! Ha again!  Sad thing is, I wrote the second one before I even realized it was a pun.  Pardon the ketchup face, we had just gotten back from dinner and this was the first time I was able to catch him wearing the hat, and taking it off, and putting it back on…which is what he prefers to do with hats.  At least he's learning "on" and "off".

Today was all about the Halloween costume again.  I made the hat (minus the funnel) and the pants (minus the bottom hem).  I have to try it on him before I can go any farther.  So, tomorrow night will be his final fitting and then I'll finish it up!  I've decided that he may look more like an astronaut or the king of pop, but it will be fun either way!


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