Day 15 – 30 Days of Creativity

Just a quick post, as I worked late tonight and will be working most of the day tomorrow. 

My creativity for the day, planning creative pursuits while working on my Christmas spreadsheet!  I want to create a lot for Christmas this year.  I always want to do this, but most of the time I decide that I'm going to make stuff long about December 15th.  This year, I'm planning it so that I can hopefully do a lot more of it!

Here are a few of my inspiration sites –

  • An exhaustive list of all sorts of handmade gift ideas.
  • I'm pretty sure I'll be doing some freezer paper stenciling somewhere (instructions here).  This is my current favorite!
  • And, I love this idea for an Advent calendar.  I have plans for a quilted one, but this would be a good one, too!

Anyway, I have a ton of ideas for the girls on my list, but I am struggling with ideas for the guys.  Anyone have any ideas? 


One thought on “Day 15 – 30 Days of Creativity

  1. Hey girl! I had an idea for a guy at work. He’s a huge, very passionate Cowboys fan. I’m thinking of making him bean bags out of Cowboys’ material. That way, he has something to throw when they make a bad play. :-0 Just an idea I’m toying with.
    Hope things are going well.
    Miss you! Jennifer

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