Day Six – 30 Days of Creativity

Oh Shauna, when I started this project, I sure didn't think it would result in this!  Spending time focused on being creative has shown me how much of my life is routine.  How much I do every day just because I always do it.  How much of what I do does not fulfill any of my life goals or how I want life to be.  Don't get me wrong, I realized during the hurricane that I like my little routine, but we've had a lot of tension in our family lately and I think it's largely because we lack vision for the future and we are not working towards making life the way that we want it to be each day.  We are merely surviving.  Clearly, we operate within a set of circumstances, but we are responsible for what we do within those circumstances, not merely with accepting those circumstances.

So, my creativity for today was to "create our life".  I made a list and asked the husband to make a list starting with "I want life to include…".  I took the first word from each item on my list and made the wordle above.  We are going to have a family meeting this weekend and talk about the things on each of our lists and hopefully create a list that will reflect our priorities and our vision for our family.


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