Day One – 30 Days of Creativity

For Day One, I decided to check out the local Goodwill to see if I could find some items that would inspire some creative ideas for the next 29 days and beyond. I was particularly looking for containers that I could make candles in and linens that I could make into something new.  Here's what I found…

Thrift Store Pair O' Cups 2

A pair of cups that would be great candles for our friends who like Asian inspired decor.


Thrift Store Linens
A pillowcase and some napkins. I don't know what these will become, but I have lots of ideas!


Thrift Store Container

A green container that will probably also hold a candle.  Notice I was taking pictures while my little helper was still awake!


Thrift Store Teacup

And my favorite, this teacup. It was marked $19.99 and I put it back on the shelf. Then, I realized that there were sets that were priced in that range, so I asked the front desk folks if it was the price for the set and it was. They gave it to me for $.49. This will be a really sweet candle or could be hold these bath teabags that I found instructions for in the Martha Stewart Handmade Holidays magazine from last year (also where I found instructions for the candles).

It was a great start to my 30 days to look at things and imagine new uses for them. I also finished cutting out the pattern pieces for the kid's Tin Man costume tonight! I'll start sewing it this weekend. I need a couple of hours to get it started, so hopefully I can get it rolling during nap time on Saturday.


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