30 Days of Creativity

My friend Shauna has put out a challenge to do something creative every day for 30 days.  That's a long time for me to commit to anything with any consistency, but I am always up for a good challenge.  This also means that I'll be posting my creative pursuits here!  Hopefully the blog will get a bit more lively!

Last weekend I started making a list of things I would like to make to give at Christmas, so some of my creative adventures over the next 30 days will center around Christmas presents. 

Here are some of my ideas of things to create…

  1. Soap or candles cut with Christmas cookie cutters or the scalloped cookie cutter that I have.  I have very little experience with either so it will be an adventure
  2. Handmade gift tags for Christmas presents
  3. Thank you notes that I still need to complete for my birthday
  4. A snowman hat for the little guy
  5. Of course, I'm working on the kiddo's Halloween costume
  6. Help the kiddo with his pumpkin for school
  7. Go to a thrift store or two to find linens & other items for creating unique kitchen gifts for Christmas
  8. Begin working on an Advent calendar
  9. A paper patchwork journal or two
  10. Framed initials that I found in a Better Homes & Gardens special publication

Just a few thoughts to get things started.  Some of these things will take me several days.  I'm going to try to do the Halloween costume as an ongoing project, but still add something else that is a bit more creative every day.  Parts of the costume will be very creative, but other parts will just be following directions.  Even though today is Day One, I will post about Day One tomorrow since most of my creative pursuits will happen in the evening. 


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