Oh, Ike!

So, we have another hurricane heading this way, only this time it really seems like it might head THIS way.  Not like the others this season that have been super hyped.  We're probably not going to evacuate, but the kid and I are planning to go to a friends house because the husband will be working.  I just don't want to be home alone during a big storm and we're going further north (i.e. away from the ocean), just in case.  The good news is that I no longer have weekend plans so maybe I'll get some crafty stuff done!  I have been back in Ravelry and that's always good for some inspiration but I just need to get some projects finished first!  Oh, and the quilt has to be finished by the end of this weekend because the baby is coming, whether I'm ready or not!  :)  That, and I need to move on to the kid's halloween costume.

All that to say, the silence that you are used to here may continue through the weekend as we'll be out of pocket until after the hurricane blows over!


7 thoughts on “Oh, Ike!

  1. I know what ya mean about the storms. We had all but completely prepped for Ike, sans the shutters being closed. Now I freakin have to schlepp everything back out to the back patio.
    Good luck to you guys.

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