The Cone of Uncertainty

If you have ever lived somewhere that has hurricanes, you have probably heard that term.  It is the cone that they show where the hurricane “may” make landfall.  Well, they cancelled everything today and the tropical storm ended up hitting farther east than Houston.  When it made landfall, it hadn’t yet made it to hurricane status, as feared, so it’s just going to rain.  I’m grateful that there’s not going to be major damage and hoping that there’s not a lot of flooding from the rain.  BUT, I’m stuck at home because of the rain and here’s the worst part…I CAN’T FIND MY KNITTING!  Yes, I could start another project, but I really just want to knit on my squares!  The kiddo is napping so I’m about to roam the house trying to find it. 

The other obstacle today is that I started a quilt last night only to realize that I need one more piece of fabric.  I’m really hoping that the rain clears quickly and isn’t too bad in the area so that I can go pick some more up and make the most out of my unexpected free time!


One thought on “The Cone of Uncertainty

  1. Awwwww yes those f*&$ing cones………..welcome to my world, a world of hurricane kits, hurricane propane tanks, hurricane gas cans (filled), hurricane this and hurricane f’ing that!
    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just freakin love it. stock up they say

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