As heard at “Dark Knight” today…

“Are you knitting?” The husband

Yeah, so I did something that I haven’t done before today.  I knit in the movie theater.  It wasn’t that the movie was boring or anything, it’s just that knitting time is limited these days so I have to get it where I can!  I worked on a plain jane sock while watching the movie, which was really good, by the way.  The husband said that I paused the knitting when there was a scary or intense part in the movie.  I didn’t even notice.

I spent some time tonight hunting for a shawl pattern that I can complete quickly for a beach wedding that I am going to soon.  I don’t know if I’ll wear it to the wedding or the rehearsal or what, but I figure it’s a good excuse to make a shawl!  Or, I could just finish the Morehouse shawl I have going right now. But then that would make too much sense, now wouldn’t it.


2 thoughts on “As heard at “Dark Knight” today…

  1. As You Like It is a great shawl. Good drape and simple pattern. email me if you are interested. You can see mine on Ravelry.
    I had a dream about you last night. We were at some knitting thing and when I went up to speak to you, you acted like you didn’t even know who I was. I was devastated! LOL. Too funny.

  2. Shetland Triangle!! It is in Wrap Style and it’s super fast and pretty.
    I love knitting at the movies – I totally knitted at The Dark Knight too.

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