Random thoughts from Chicago Midway

Let’s just ignore the fact that I haven’t blogged in ages and pick right back up like the old friends we are, shall we?

I’m sitting in Chicago’s Midway airport.  I missed the memo on my airline changing their standby policy so that you can’t fly standby if you bought a discount ticket unless you pay the difference between that and what a full priced ticket would cost you.  So, I got to sit in the airport for a while today because I didn’t want to spend an additional $215 to get home a few hours earlier.

I love that there are seats here that have outlets built into them.

The lady beside me just flossed her teeth in the middle of the terminal.  I wish I was kidding.

The best thing about Chicago?  Getting to meet up with Carolyn last night.  We went and got sushi and hung out at her house and picked up like old friends even though I don’t think we’ve ever hung out one on one.  It was a fun escape from hotel-land!  AND, I got to see the secret family project.  I would love to tell you more but I must keep my mouth shut.  Let’s just say that it’s inspirational.

The second best thing about Chicago?  I got to see Wicked on Tuesday night.  Great show!  I’m not a big theater goer, mostly due to lack of time and money, but this show was amazing!  I will have to see it again someday!  And it was fun to walk there and see a little bit of Chicago.

Worst thing about Chicago?  Being stuck in the airport (my fault, I know…I could have waited to come but I rolled the dice to see if I could get home to the family earlier).  Thank goodness for wifi!


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