You may have noticed (if you aren't reading this on google reader or bloglines or what have you) that I am trying to spruce things up around here. It needs a lot of work, but for now a new banner is going to have to do. Life is sort of returning to "normal" just in time for the husband to get his tonsils out and everything to be turned on its head again, but I'll take every day of normal that I can get.

I had a great weekend! I finished a knitting project (one that I had started on Tuesday) and organized my craft supplies in anticipation of this.

Picture 021
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Yeah, I'm trying to do a scrapbook for the kid. I'm really enjoying it, so far. The good news is that a lot of scrapbooking stuff was on sale at Hobby Lobby last week, so I got everything I still needed really cheap. I'm trying to see how much of this book I can get done before his first birthday. I'll try to share a few pages this week.

So, the weekend was good. My house is clean(ish), I got to hang out with some friends and the kid is healthy (and happy). So, I hope to be around these parts more often. We'll see!


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