By the way…

I went to Maryland!  Yeah, so that was almost a month ago.  I've been a lousy blogger.  Maryland was fantabulous!  On top of getting to hang out with some of the greatest people (and folks that just pick up with you where you left off at the last festival, or blog post, whichever was more recent), I of course got some great yarn, too. 

I got some sock yarn from Tess for a sweater for the kiddo and 20 balls of Louisa Harding Kashmir that was super cheap and will become a sweater for me. The prettiest stuff is the Brooks Farm that I couldn't resist.

 Picture 087
The husband asked for some crazy bright sock yarn, so that explains this purchase.
Picture 088

I do have a perfectly good reason for my recent bloggy absence.  The husband has been sick off and on since November, including the weekend I was in Maryland.  It was the worst this month.  We finally found out the cause of the problem…tonsils.  Combine that with a kid with a perpetual ear infection and we had to take both of them to the ENT yesterday.  It's been a crazy month, but we finally have a light at the end of the tunnel, with procedures scheduled for both of them that should make things better.  And, um, come back for the winner of that summer reading contest that I posted oh so long ago!


One thought on “By the way…

  1. Ooooh, that BFY is luscious! I swear they must have a pact with satan or something — every yarn they make is fantastic.
    Sorry to hear about the tonsils and stuff . . . and hope both procedures go well!

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