Maryland or Bust!

Yep, I’m re-entering the world of fiber festivals after sitting out a year (as I was very pregnant and just returning to work during the biggies – MD and NY – last year) and going to Maryland Sheep & Wool!!!  I just got my ticket and I’m super excited!  I am thinking it will just be me, but I may get weak and bring the kid along.  I haven’t left him overnight, yet, but on the flipside, I want to experience the Ravelry party on Saturday night, too!  So, this may just be my mothers day present to myself – a weekend away with nothing to worry about but which yarn I should buy!  YAY!


8 thoughts on “Maryland or Bust!

  1. SOO excited you’re coming. I’ve been debating whether I’d bring the Critter (not sure how well he’d do all day in the crowds) or leave him at home (would hate to miss a whole day with him, given that I’m away from him during working hours). I’m sure the Critter and the Beastie would love to meet each other!

  2. Dude, this means I might actually get to meet you IN PERSON! I am not 100% positive yet that I’m going, but it’s looking better and better every day!

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