All work and no play

…Makes me pretty dull, that’s for sure!  Zero knitting going on around here.  The closest thing I’ve come to crafting was stuffing the munchkin’s Easter basket.

I am really feeling the need to knit but haven’t found the time to get anything started.  I also have everything ready for scrapbooking but haven’t found the time to scrapbook.  The issue is not "oh I’m so busy".  I am, but that’s not the issue.  The issue is finding the motivation in the time I do have to do something other than sit around.  I have some motivation in that I’m going to try to knit a shawl for my sister for her wedding.  In less than a month.  Yeah, there’s some motivation for ya.  I’m going to hunt some yarn on Saturday and that should get me jumpstarted.

In the absence of crafty goodness, life continues.  The kid is taking swim lessons.  Yes, I’m a soccer mom already.  I mainly wanted to get him in the pool so that this summer I could do some swimming.  Of course, that would require that I go swimsuit shopping as I’m not too keen on putting my post-pregnancy stomach back in any of my bikinis.  After three lessons, he is starting to warm up to being in the pool and is trying to do some of the things the other kids are doing in class.

A post on this blog wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the kiddo, this time in his Easter finery!


4 thoughts on “All work and no play

  1. oh, i wish we had a pool around here! we’re going to NC this summer and there’ll be a pool there. i hope she likes it!
    i understand about the motivation thing. sometimes i just want to sit and stare into space!

  2. Sarah that picture is amazing of him. His little hair glowing wildly in the sun! So cute.
    Make time to scrapbook, or else when your kids are all grown you will have to rely on the memory to fill in the blanks. Well that and the ADD of looking at old photos and losing track of what your orig intent was. Senility and ADD not a good combination!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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