Ah, shucks!

I’ve missed you guys, too!  Thanks for reminding me of one of the best parts of this whole blogging thing…the friendships!  I am going to try to post more after the kid goes to bed even if it’s just a short thought.

On that note, I mentioned in my last post that I had made some baby stuff recently.  I had these projects planned for ages and of course waited until the night before I was supposed to gift them.  Go figure.   But the good news part of that is that I was able to make these things in just a few hours.  That’s the big bonus of sewing to me…quick gratification, at least on small projects.


I also didn’t think to take a decent picture at the house, but I took this one with my cell phone in my car.  As you can see here, there are two bibs, made using this tutorial, another pair of baby shoes (this one in the 0-6 month size and skully denim), and a denim Kidlet Wall Pocket found via whipup.  I think I’m going to make the kid several of these wall pockets to hang on the wall of his room to help us organize the plethora of toys that he has acquired.  First, I have to make his Easter basket, so I guess that will be this weekend’s project.  I am also working on knitting a hat for this baby…I’ve just got the decreases left.


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