The Magic of the Blogosphere

I visited my Mom this weekend, which meant flying with the kiddo (it’s against the rules to show up without the kid, she might just send me back) 🙂 and flying back late last night.  I decided to fly back late as it would be after the kid’s bedtime so I hoped he would sleep.  He did sleep during the flight, but as soon as we landed, he woke up and stayed awake throughout the luggage gathering process and on our walk to the car.  As I’m walking to the car, I notice another woman with a baby, hers in a front pack.  I was happy not to be the only one with a kid awake at that hour, and was looking at the cute kiddo.  When I looked at the woman, I discovered that I know her!  It was High Energy Jenny!!!  Forgive her for not posting in a bazillion years, something about the kids getting mobile really puts a cramp on the posting and the knitting (yeah, the kid is crawling, which has made for little crafty time).  Anyway, I met Jenny a while back at my very first fiber fest, Maryland Sheep & Wool!  It was the MOST random encounter that we saw each other last night, as we are from different states and thousands of people are in and out of that airport every day and if I was two minutes later getting my bags they would already have been gone.  Or if one of us didn’t have the kiddo with us, we might have never noticed each other.  And yet we saw each other!  I even got to meet Mr. High Energy and the High Energy Baby!  Yet another example of the Magic of the Blogosphere! 


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