Baby’s First Shoes

I am one of those mom’s that feels the need to put shoes on her baby before going out of the house.  I know he really doesn’t need anything other than socks, especially in our warm climate, but I feel like he’s not fully dressed without shoes!  Recently, he grew out of his shoes and the shoes in the next size that we have are the kind that he shouldn’t wear until he starts crawling and walking.  So, Inspired by the baby shoes over at Gleek last week, I declared this the weekend of baby shoes.


I made two pairs!  I used the same tutorial and Stephanie’s pattern for 6-12 months. 


For the brown pair, I used light brown cordoroy for the outside and dark brown fleece for the inside.  This was my first pair and probably took me twice as long to make as my second pair.  Now, I’ve got it down and even had the confidence to make some minor modifications on the second pair.


My favorite part of the second pair…the secret skulls on the bottom!  I used regular denim on the top and skully denim on the bottom, with red flannel as the lining.  I also wanted the red to show through a bit more than the lining did on the other pair, so instead of flipping the heel part inside to accommodate the elastic, I flipped it outside.  I also used a zig-zag stitch in red on the top to tie it all together. 

He wore his brown ones all day today and they even got their first compliment when we were out for lunch.  I was so excited that someone else thought they were cute!  I’m still not completely confident with my sewing skills, so I was happy to have pulled these off.  The best part, they stay on!  The kiddo has discovered how to take his socks off, but these shoes didn’t budge.  I think he likes them…



8 thoughts on “Baby’s First Shoes

  1. When I saw the first picture I thought “How cute! Wonder where she found those?”. There is no way I would have thought they were made. I love them! And I bet they are comfy on Cam’s little feet, too.

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