Way back in the beginning of December I made a Shedir.  I had been looking for an excuse to make it for a while and when a friend at work began her chemo and radiation treatments, I knew I had the perfect reason to make it. 



I, of course, forgot to take pictures of it when I was at home.  I am one of those people who can’t wait to give a gift once I have it, so in my haste, I often forget pictures. These are courtesy of my cell phone. Anyway, I finished it just in time for our first cold snap.  It was well received and she wore it the very next day!  I made it from Calmer, my desert island yarn, which is the yarn called for in the pattern.  I did have to do some ripping when I wasn’t paying attention, but eventually, I got the cabled pattern down and it went pretty fast.  My favorite part of the knit, the top!  It’s so pretty and makes the whole hat look so impressive!  It was nice to finally make a knit I had admired for so long!


2 thoughts on “Cables!

  1. I love it! And I love the colour.
    I’ve often thought about making it, but since a full head of very thick curly hair, Im wondering how it would fit on me. Does there seem to be a lot of room? 🙂

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