Simply 2008

I am generally very goal oriented.  Each new year has brought forth a list of goals to meet, some which are attained in that year and others that are not.  This year, I am approaching things a bit differently.  Maybe it’s having a kid that has changed my perspective, who knows.  But, I am going to set just one primary resolution for 2008.  To simplify my life.  To focus on the things and people I am passionate about and to let the others go.   Of course, there are specific ways in which I plan to do this, but that’s the primary thing.  Just simplify.  I like to think that I live simply, but there are many ways in which I can do better in 2008. 

Companies have mission statements and if something doesn’t fit in with their mission, then they don’t do it.  Here’s are my mission statements for 2008.  If something doesn’t fit with these, then I really need to think twice about how important it is.

  • To take the time to be still and focus on my faith.
  • To be the best wife and mother that I can be to the boys in my life.
  • To put forth my best effort at work so I can leave work at work.
  • To continue to cultivate meaningful relationships with my friends and family members.
  • To increase my skills and knowledge in crafty pursuits and to use those to benefit others.

Wow, five main priorities.  Simplifying already.  I’m resisting my urge to further categorize (oh the sub categories that are swimming in my head).  Hopefully, the last one will encourage increased blogging!  I have several finished projects to tell you about!

For now…Happy New Year from our house to yours!



8 thoughts on “Simply 2008

  1. Such a sweetie! I am resolving to mail things quicker. The sweater will be in the mail today! Honest. Priority mailing should get it there by the end of the week I hope.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Sara,
    Here’s a quote from A. W. Tozer that has stuck with me for several years and helps me remember to keep the first things first. Hope you enjoy it, and have a wonderful new year! Your little man is a handsome one!
    – Patsy
    “If we would progress spiritually, we must separate ourselves unto the things of God and concentrate upon them to the exclusion of a thousand things the worldly man considers important…We must make the kingdom of God the sphere of our activity…This day’s bustle and hurly-burly would too often and too soon call us away from Jesus’ feet. These distractions must be immediately dismissed, or we shall know only the ‘barrenness of busyness.'”
    Excerpt from
    We Travel
    An Appointed Way,
    by A. W. Tozer

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