The Frog Prince


In other recent crafty pursuits, I made the munchkin a Halloween costume!  He was a frog prince, and stole the show everywhere we went.  My mom taught me how to read a pattern and guided me through the whole process.  That, and a little hot glue, and the results were a really fun and memorable Halloween.  It is tradition for both the husband and I to have handmade costumes, so I’m glad to carry that on.  We’re going to save some scraps from each costume I make for him to make into a quilt or something someday.


This is him at his school’s fall festival.  He wore his costume there last week and then again on Halloween to my work’s trick or treat function!  I work at a college and the women’s residence hall had trick or treat from room to room.  We didn’t ask for candy, just went to show him off!


His feet were one of my favorite parts, even though the sewing on them could have been better.  The pattern didn’t call for them to be stuffed, but I wanted them to stand out.


By the end of Halloween, he was one tuckered out little frog.


12 thoughts on “The Frog Prince

  1. my god, he is just so sweet in that costume! i love it! i wish i had had more time and energy to make a costume for the peanut. turned out that $15 at oldnavy.com can buy something really quite cute.

  2. So. CUTE! And how much fun to get to show him off. I’m sure he was a sleepy froggy prince by the end of the night – and I’m sure you were too! You did a great job on the costume and the FEET are the best!

  3. OMGOSH this is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time and the feet, the feet are awesome!!!!
    the quilt idea is amazing too, I used to make my kids costumes too…..but then they were handed down to nephews.

  4. Such a sweetie. I need to get the sweater sent! Email me chrisknitz at insightbb dot com with the addy so I can mail it. Than maybe I will get a decent photo of it for the pattern!

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