No excuses or explanation about why I’ve been gone so long.  Suffice it to say, I have a project that is keeping me very busy!


He just looks like trouble, doesn’t he?!  Well, I started back to work last week and it is going quite well.  We have a great "school" for the munchkin, so that has made it much easier than it might have been otherwise.  He loves it there, I have to pry his smiling face away from his teachers each day.  I have been involved in some craftiness again!  I should really take some pictures, maybe after I make some more progress.  I am working on a stocking for my cousin’s baby.  I actually learned to knit for this purpose, to carry on the stocking tradition that my mom started when my first cousin was born around 34 years ago.  My mom is still making stockings, but this year I’m helping by making two of the four that she has on her plate.  This one has a lot of colors and I should have made little skeins (bobbins?  I know there’s a name for them) instead of knitting it off of the big honkin’ skeins of red heart, but I didn’t, so now I’m dealing with a tangled mess.  I just have to stop every few rows to do some untangleing. 

So, stocking pictures coming soon!  I’m going to go work on it now that the kid is sleeping!

Oh, have you seen the preview for the Holiday Gifts Interweave?  I’m excited, there are several things in there that I like (the clutch, the teddy bear, all the socks!).  I don’t know how many things will become gifts, I may just make some things for myself.



5 thoughts on “Wowser

  1. Wowsers indeed! My golly he is a cutie~pie!!!!!
    Hope you are doing well!!
    Maybe you should bust out that RED SOXS blankie for the upcoming game – cough cough!

  2. ok, Cutest. picture. EVER!
    Also, I lost hte address you sent me. Please sed again, although I think the thing I’mma send you might have to just be either used as decoration or donated in munchkin’s name at THIS point 😉

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