A different kind of “crafty”

I always figured that I would pick up scrapbooking when I felt like I had something (or someone) to scrapbook…enter the kiddo.  I’ve got a scrapbook waiting in the wings to work on for his first year, but for now, I’m using scrapbook supplies to make his birth announcements.  These should go out this week, so I thought I would share them here.

First of all, I bought the library tag cards at the craft store, they are little tags that fit inside a slot.  I bought two varieties, one white and one paper bag brown.  Then, I covered each one with a different type of blue/brown themed paper and tied ribbons to the tags.


Then, the husband took a great picture which I turned sepia toned and got printed.  I used a scrapbooking pen to add the details to the picture and am in the process of taping the pictures to the ticket part of the card.  The finished product looks like this…



Now to address and stuff them, and they’ll be ready to mail!


5 thoughts on “A different kind of “crafty”

  1. very nice! i never got around to making birth announcements. i wonder if i can do it now?? the peanut spent the first two months crying non-stop so it was hard to get anything done.. i couldn’t even shower some days!

  2. I am doubly impressed, now. I had no idea you covered them yourself with the blue/brown paper. I love that picture of Cameron and the birth announcements are so cute!!!

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