Finished Object Alert!

Nope, the kiddo isn’t here, yet…but his blanket is finished!


These colors are next to impossible for me and my poor photography skills (not to mention the contractions I’m currently having) to photograph, so this will have to do.  I thought this thing would never get seamed up! Now that it is all assembled, I love it!  All of my seams aren’t perfect, but it’s so fun how the x’s in the miters all line up throughout the blanket.   T-Bone found the seaming process rather enjoyable and has already laid claim to this blanket.


Little does he know that he’ll soon have to share!  On the baby front, I have been having pretty consistent contractions since yesterday afternoon, but they aren’t strong enough yet to be doing anything except making me uncomfortable.  I realize that this is probably nothing in comparison to the real deal which will come soon, just an inconvenience.  Anyway, the doctor is concerned about his size (they think he’s a big baby), so she’s scheduled an induction for Friday.  That wouldn’t be my first choice of how to have things happen, but maybe labor will pick up before then.  At any rate, the beast will arrive by sometime this weekend at the latest.  The husband is taking some time off tomorrow, so we’ll be able to enjoy the afternoon and be well rested before the upcoming hospital stay and sleepless nights which are ahead of us. 


15 thoughts on “Finished Object Alert!

  1. WOW! That blanket is FANTASTIC!!!!!! I’m so jealous you’ve got yours all seamed up. GOOD LUCK! I hope everything goes well and easy and I can’t wait to meet the little guy.
    Seriously. That blanket ROCKS!

  2. Oh my god! SO.VERY.EXCITING.
    Congratulations on a beautiful blanket, and a heaping helping of good luck with your labor! I’ll be sending the good vibes.

  3. I wish you both — actually, I should say all three of you — the very best… a happy, healthy, speedy delivery. And a couple of sleep-filled nights sprinkled in with the other kind!
    Also, that blanket is amazing! That’s one lucky baby, for sure!

  4. The Beast will love his blankie!! And I hope he someday will like his sweater. Must finish it soon!!! At least he won’t need it for awhile. All the best to you and family.

  5. oh, it looks so beautiful! And OMG You are gonna have a BABY!!!! good luck with everything, you know we’ll all be waiting to hear about it. we love you!

  6. wow! i love the blanket! the solid squares and the striped ones go great together. baby’s almost here! i’m sending all my positive vibes your way.

  7. Sarah and Jason ~ I will thinking of you all this weekend. I hope everything goes great and the beast is just as amazing as expected. Remember this ~ YOU CAN DO IT! I pushed out a 10 pounder ~ no drugs ~ all natural (say with accent) YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  8. Sarah – I will be thinking of both you and Jason this weekend. I can’t wait to meet the newest member of your family!
    Take Care!! Much Love to you!!!!

  9. What a gorgeous blanket! Your little beastie is going to love it! Good luck with the next several days (and weeks and months) – I’m so excited for you! I’m at 32 weeks as of today, and everything still looks good. Can’t wait to see pictures of your little man!!!

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