All the World’s a Square


This photo was not staged, it is the actual pile of squares as they sit beside the chair in my living room.  I’m on square number 32 out of 36, meaning that I have less than 5 squares to go before assembling this sucker!  I really hope to finish them this week so I can start the assembly this weekend.  The current plan is to seam them with crochet and then pick up stitches around "log cabin style" to make the border, but as with all plans, that could change.  I’m just ready to start knitting something else and have about a bazillion projects calling my name (not to mention the fact that I ordered Lace Style and it will be here tomorrow).

I worked on the current square in the doctor’s office today as I was waiting an hour to get my blood taken (glucose test:  drink this nasty stuff, wait an hour, give us your blood = fun times).  It has been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to knit in public in a place where people don’t know me, and I got a kick out of the curiousity.  The kids are always the ones who are bold enough to ask questions and there was a cute little girl who told her mom I was making a blanket for my baby…how right she was!  It’s funny how you take your craft for granted until you’re knitting in an environment filled with non-knitters.  Oh, and the beast is fine, progressing well, and not causing me to gain quite as much weight – so far so good.


2 thoughts on “All the World’s a Square

  1. Glad to hear everything is going well with the beast πŸ˜‰ I think the waiting room is one of the best places to bring knitting – not because of the curious looks, though you definitely get them there, but for personal comfort… I am way more patient waiting to be called when I have my knitting.
    The blanket is going to be super cute – I hope the finishing goes quickly for you!

  2. I want to see lace style too… have been waiting for the budget to tell me I can order it. πŸ™‚
    I like knitting in public too- except for the people who just STARE and don’t say anything.

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