The best thing about having more than one hobby…

…Is that when you hit a roadblock in one of them, you can turn to the other!  I decided this would be the weekend to bust out the walking foot and learn how to use it through quilting the first quilt-top that I completed.  This morning, I pinned the quilt pieces together (and discovered that I may never graduate to full size quilts, pinning it together is a lot of work on the floor and I just had a crib sized quilt).  When I went to the machine to get going with it, I discovered that the walking foot that reportedly works with my machine does not work with my machine!!!  The needle clamp screw isn’t long enough so I have to order one of those now.  So, I’m stuck again.  Maybe the new part will get in before this weekend as I have a three-day weekend and might have some time to work on it.

Since quilting isn’t working with me, I’m knitting like a crazy woman.  I bought more yarn for my Technicolor blanket yesterday so I can finish it up!  Here is the other kind of square I am making for this blanket.  This style will be alternated with the striped style of squares.


Status right now, 22 little squares down, 14 more to go! I have reached the point where I really want to get this sucker finished, so I’ll be knitting on it exclusively this week to try to at least get all of the squares completed.  I know that seaming and weaving and a border will come after that, but I’m just excited to get the knitting portion finished so that I can move on to other projects.  Only 13 weeks until my due date so I am starting to feel the time pressure to get some of the planned baby knits (and other knits) finished!  I have yarn for three other baby projects in the wings, both for my little one and three other little ones that are due within a month before or after mine.  Back to the knitting! 


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