Incubating and Celebrating

I’m still around, just fighting a nasty cold that has zapped any ounce of energy I might have previously had left over from incubating the beast, so that’s keeping me pretty quiet around here.  We have been busy, though.  Friday was our 5 year anniversary and the husband sent me flowers!!!  We’re not big "sending flowers" types so it was a big deal and just the second time he’s done it since we got married.   


We haven’t had a chance to celebrate, due to work events this weekend and the cold, so hopefully we can have a nice dinner or something this weekend to celebrate.  We’re no longer newlyweds!

Otherwise, I’ve just been incubating the beast…


At 26 weeks, he’s just getting bigger and bigger.  Pardon the headless shot, sickness doesn’t make for a pretty face.

Hopefully there will be some actual knitting content around here soon!



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