I have been working on a baby blanket using an afghan pattern in the Mason Dixon Knitting book.  Getting a good picture after the sun goes down is virtually impossible, but I figured it was better to post with a poor picture than not post at all.  It feels like I’ve been working on it for a very long time (note to self – this is why I said no more blankets, why is it that I have plans for another one after this), but really, I just do a square or two at a time and then put it away for a little while.  I’ve been working exclusively on this blanket for the last week or so, since I got mad at a fiddly pair of baby socks I am working on.  Okay, so they are hardly a pair at this point since the first one isn’t even finished. 

The good news about this blanket – it’s made exclusively (so far) from my crazy stash of Lion Brand Microspun.  I may have to buy an extra skein or two, but it will mostly be a stash endeavor.  Eventually, this will grow to either 3 big squares by 3 big squares or 3 big squares by 4 big squares.  I think I’m going to work some solid squares into the mix.   It is kind of fun to just make pieces and figure out how they are going to come together later.  Oh, and yes, we’re having a little boy and the baby blanket has pink and purple in it, but it also has blue and orange and lime green so I figure it all balances out in the end.  And that concludes this rambling post. 


6 thoughts on “Technicolor

  1. 🙂 there’s definitely nothing wrong with mixing up the colors for a boy’s blanket. i love mitered square blankets! they are so much fun to put together.

  2. are you naming the baby joseph so you can keep talking about joseph’s technicolor dream blanket? areyou?!?! 🙂 just teasing. it looks like fun and a shitload of ridiculous work so good thing you are pregnant and will suddenly be filled with lots of patience toward your knitting since your loss of patience will all be used on yelling at your belly “WHEN ARE YOU COMING OUT.” i mean not yet it probably isn’t. but soon enough! 🙂

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